Marketing Expert Says Brands Should Do Less Selling & More Relationship-Building

Marketing Expert Says Brands Should Do Less Selling & More Relationship-Building. One-way, authoritative advertising a la the Mad Menera is now almost completely antiquated. Today’s consumers don’t want short-term sales pitches; they want to invest their money in companies that invest in long-term relationship-building.

Consumers want to understand a brand’s fundamental mission and engage in a continuous two-way conversation. They also want to interact with social media influencers who use a brand’s product as part of their everyday lives. This kind of authentic engagement is what generates brand loyalty.

Modern marketing, advertising and communications departments are undergoing a major shake-up, and rightfully so. Companies are experimenting with the best ways to utilize organic customer feedback to attract future customers instead of relying on static corporate advertising. Individual sectors may experiment with and benefit from different advertising methods to better reach their constituencies. In the non-profit realm, social media may still be the best way to create engagement, while other sectors may find that an investment in artificial intelligence (AI) will provide the biggest return.

For example, one of the next big trends in communications is influencer and customer-generated promotional videos. A recent survey of marketing professionals and online consumers revealed that 88% of businesses believe video is an important part of their marketing strategy, while 76% of those businesses report that video marketing directly drives ROI. On the consumer side, 70% of respondents said they have shared a brand’s video on their social media.

Across all industries, it’s becoming increasingly clear that today’s audiences desire marketing as a two-way street. Clients, consumers and donors want to know that a product is authentic before they buy. They want to assume the power to make their own well-educated purchasing or philanthropic decisions.

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